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EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS - Culinary School Diaries, Week 8

As you might possibly guess from this week's title, it was exam week this week. 4 days of 3 hours, with 6 different dishes to serve. Unfortunately there are no photos this week as I was far too busy stressing over trying to get everything plated up in time.


Monday's service dish was best end of lamb with dauphinoise potatoes, glazed green vegetables, carrot puree and a madeira jus. We also cooked the chicken for Wednesday's terrine and made brioche dough.


Today's service dish was pan fried sea bass with cockle and mussel fricassee with freshly made tagliatelle. Alongside this, we shaped the brioche in its typical 8-domed shape, cooked it, made picallili for tomorrow and assembled the terrine.


The aforementioned terrine was served today alongside toasted brioche and picallili, and contained confit chicken leg, pistachio, apricot, prune and shallot. We also served a chocolate negus, with candied orange zest and spiced orange segments, and cooked crab for tomorrows dishes.


The final day of the week was by far the most stressful for me, and the day where I struggled the most. We were required to present a prawn and crab cocktail with grissini breadsticks, as well as crab cakes with mango salsa and pickled cucumber.


Following the week of stress, I was very happy to receive my results (all passes and above, thankfully!) so quickly on the morning of the Friday, and I had a good long tutorial on how the course is going, where I can improve, as well as gaining some insight into the direction the course was heading in.

As I said, no pictures of the food this week unfortunately, so here's a lovely view of the surrounding countryside.

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